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"Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian, first brought to comics twenty-five years ago, has an updated look—and attitude—in this series.

Slashing and hacking at his targets, whether they’re fellow gladiators or giant spiders, is just the natural course of action for this Cimmerian, who has much more cunning and intelligence than the corrupt, corpulent despots who think he serves them. Though he appears to be nothing more than an ignorant barbarian, he has plans and schemes that belie his unrefined appearance. And unlike Roy Thomas and Barry Smith’s sullen comic book Conan, this muscular hero has a sense of humor that serves him as well as his sword." - ComicBase™ 7.0.

(VF-NM) $2050.00

(VF) $111.00

(FN) $135.00

(FN) $36.00

(FN) $54.00

(FN) $32.00

(FN) $18.00

(FN) $30.00

(VF) $62.00

(VF) $56.00

(FN) $21.00

(NM) $205.00

 (FN) $17.00


(VF) $70.00

(VF) $44.00

(FN) $13.00

(FN) $14.00

(VF) $35.00

(VF) $45.00

(VG) $6.00

(VG) $7.00


(FN) $130.00

(NM) $116.00

(FN) $8.00

(VF) $15.00

(VF+) $19.00


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