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Captain... Issues
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Captain Britain

Captain Britain 9/88
2nd Series
Book 1 3rd Prtg
(VF/NM) $32.00

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Captain Canuck

Captain Canuck #2
 (VF+) $5.00

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Captain Canuck #3
 (VF+) $13.00

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Captain Canuck Reborn #0
 (FN/VF) $2.00

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Captain Carrot

Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew #1 (VF) $6.00

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Captain Gravity

"On location among the historic ruins of Chichen Itza, Mexico, a movie crew is attempting to shoot the debut of the newest serial sensation, Captain Gravity. Unfortunately, the film is just a front for a group of Nazis, who seek a legendary extraterrestrial artifact known only as Element 115.

Tricked into betraying his friends and the artifact to the Germans, young Joshua Jones seems to be the only one left to foil the Nazis’ evil scheme. Gambling everything on the unknown effects of his exposure to Element 115, Jones hopes the appearance of the supposedly fictional Captain Gravity will save the day.

This four-issue mini-series combines the campiness of Golden Age stories with the melodrama of B-grade movies, but also provides solid storytelling with realistic, 3-D characters. The story also confronts the issue of racism head on, comparing Hitler’s campaign against the Jews with America’s treatment of blacks and other minorities during the same time period." - ComicBase™ 7.0.

Captain Gravity #1
(VF+) $4.00

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Captain Gravity TP
(NM-) $39.00

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Captain Gravity
One True Hero
(FN) $1.00

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Captain Gravity and Power of Vril #2
(VF/NM) $5.00

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Captain Gravity and Power of Vril #2
(VG/FN) $0.80

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Captain Gravity and Power of Vril #6
(VF+) $4.00

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Captain Harlock

Captain Harlock #1
(VF+) $4.00

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Captain Jack

Captain Jack, Advs. of #1
  (VF/NM) $15.00

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Captain Justice

"Captain Justice is the definition of a super hero. He’s pure of heart, and his powers are more than a match for any villain foolish enough to cross him. The only problem is, Captain Justice doesn’t really exist. He’s just a comic book character, and his entire imaginary universe is fading away due to lack of believers.

Believing that nothing is impossible, Captain Justice journeys to the real world, in an attempt to revive his character and what he stands for. But such things are never so easy, and he soon discovers his amazing powers don’t work in our reality. Does Captain Justice have what it takes to be a real hero, or is he helpless as a normal man? The fate of two worlds hangs on the answer.

This two-issue story by J.M. DeMatteis and Steve Leialoha is based on a television screenplay by Dusty Kaye." - ComicBase™ 7.0.

Captain Justice #1
(NM-) $6.00

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Captain Justice  #2
 (NM) $13.00

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