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Poison Elves Issues
Page 02
(Mature Reader Only)

Niceness, however, is not a problem for Drew Hayes’ Poison Elves.

The lead character here is an elf named Lusiphur. He looks a bit like Trent Reznor from the industrial band Nine Inch Nails, and he makes his living killing people. He smokes, he drinks, he swears, and he has a generally poor attitude toward life. Not only that, but Poison Elves manages to break away from fantasy conventions to bring in elements of cop drama and action-thriller movies into the series. Here we have hard-bitten police detectives, black-ops agents, and even the occasional gun-wielding thug.  - ComicBase™ 7.0.

(NM) $10.00

(VF/NM) $4.00


(FN/VF) $1.25


(FN/VF) $2.25


(FN/VF) $1.10


(VG/FN) $0.55

(VF+) $2.75


(VF) $2.25


TPB Vol. 2
Reprints #7-12
(VF/NM) $13.00

Poison Elves Hyena #1 (VF/NM) $7.00

Poison Elves Hyena #1 (VF+) $4.75

Poison Elves Hyena #2 (NM) $12.00

Poison Elves Hyena #2 (VF+) $3.25


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