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"Daredevil..." Issues
page 01

Matt Murdock was the son of a second-rate prize fighter named "Battlin’ Jack" Murdock. But although his own life was spent in physical combat, Jack Murdock insisted that Matt avoid fighting, and concentrate instead on his studies. It wasn’t easy. The neighborhood kids called him a coward and even nicknamed him "Daredevil" to poke fun at him.

Then fate intervened in the form of a truck laden with radioactive cargo, headed for an unsuspecting man. Matt ran into the street to save the man, but was hit by the truck himself. Blinded by the accident, he found his other senses growing far more acute. He even developed a radar sense that let him "see" objects in the world around him.

When his father was killed for refusing to throw a fight, Matt decided that he could hold back no longer. He became Daredevil, "the Man Without Fear"—one of Marvel’s darkest characters, and certainly one of the best. - ComicBase™ 7.0.

 #36  (GD) $8.00

 #43  (GD) $15.00

 #54  (GD) $7.00

 #60  (VG) $8.00

 #73  (VG) $6.00

 #96  (VG) $7.00

 #98 (FN) 10.00

 #106 (FN) $13.00

 #107 (FN) $15.00

 #108 (VF-) $15.00

 #111 (FR) $4.00

 #125 (FN) $7.00

 #138 (VG) $8.00

 #152 (FN) $19.00

 #177 (FN) $8.00

 #179 (VG) $4.00

 #180 (VF) $18.00

 #186 (FN) $3.00

 #188 (VF) $8.00


 #189 (VF) $8.00

 #192 (VF+) $5.00

 #193 (VF/NM) $9.00

 #197 (VF) $15.00

 #198 (VF-) $3.00

 #199 N.S. (DM shown)
(VF-) $3.00

 #199 D.M. (VF-) $2.00

 #201 (VF+) $4.00

 #202 (VF+) $4.00

 #203 (VF) $4.00

 #204 (VF) $3.00

 #205 (VF) $3.00

 #207 (VF/NM) $5.00


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