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  "V" Issues

V is for "Visitors": they appeared suddenly over the skies of Earth in gleaming spaceships. When they touched down, all mankind rejoiced that the Visitors looked just like ourselves and said they’d come as our friends. In return for natural resources that we held in abundance, they would give us the secrets of revolutionary technology.

Soon the Visitors were part of our society and our governments. It wasn’t long before mankind began to wonder if our new friends weren’t really our new masters. Then, a few brave humans sneaked aboard a Visitor ship and discovered their shocking secret: the Visitors’ humanoid appearance was a masquerade which disguised their true, lizard-like forms. Moreover, our "friends" had some very unfriendly plans in store for us.

Now mankind has begun to fight to take back its planet. No more V for Visitors, now it’s V for Victory!  - ComicBase™ 7.0.

(VF/NM) $6.50

(GD) $0.30


(FN/VF) $1.10

(VF/NM) $5.25

(NM) $11.00

(VF+) $3.50

(VF+) $5.00

(VF) $2.50

(NM) $22.00

(NM) $17.00

(NM) $10.00

(VF+) $5.50

(VF+) $3.25

(VF/NM) $5.25

(VF/NM) $4.75

(NM) $76.00

(VF/NM) $24.00


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