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"New Guardians"

In Millennium, ten people were chosen by the Guardian and the Zamaran to lead Earth down the path toward immortality. In the struggle that followed, two were immediately killed by the Guardian’s enemies, one was turned away from the cosmic wave, and another spurned the power the Guardian offered him in order to stay with his wife and children. That left six extraordinary beings to act as the New Guardians.

These six were Gloss, a Chinese woman who drew her power from the Earth; RAM, a Japanese man turned into a living computer; Floro, a plant being from another dimension; Extraño from Peru, a magician; Jet, a Jamaican-born woman who had been living in the U.K.; and Harbinger, a golden-haired woman raised aboard a UFO. Strangely, Jet and Harbinger were virtually mirror images who shared identical powers of flight, vision, hearing, and energy bolts.

This series was originally proposed under the name "Trumps" by writer Steve Englehart, but was "censored politically, sexually, and pharmacologically" prior to its publication under the new name of "The New Guardians."  - ComicBase™ 7.0.

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