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2001: A Space Odyssey

Arthur C. Clarke’s "2001" took readers and moviegoers on a fantastic journey, from the dawn of man, to the quest for the stars. That journey was somehow guided by strange black "monoliths": mysterious remnants of an alien race, or possibly a direct link to a cosmic intelligence. It would be a monolith, appearing in a primordial lake, that would encourage the development of technology for our ape ancestors. Millennia later, man would discover another monolith—on the moon. Later still, there would be others. Wherever the monoliths appeared, they touched mankind, driving man onward toward its destiny.

(NM) $88.00

(VF/NM) $34.00

(VF+) $23.00

(NM) $48.00

(VF/NM) $19.20

(VF+) $12.10

(VF) $9.30

(NM-) $31.00

(VF) $8.00

(VF/NM) $18.40

(VF) $9.75

(VF) $10.60

(NM) $390.00

(VF/NM) $78.00

(VF/NM) $42.00 


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