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Battlestar Galactica


Colonial Warriors

Fleeing from the Cylon tyranny, the last batttlestar, Galactica, leads a rag-tag fugitive fleet on a lonely quest -- a shining planet known as "Earth".

In January 2006, Rittenhouse Archives will return to the Battlestar Galactica with Battlestar Galactica: Colonial Warriors Trading Cards. This 72-card series will focus on the men and women of the last known battlestar - the friendships, relationships and sacrifices the colonial warriors made in the continual struggle against the Cylons.

Each box will contain 40 packs and each pack will contain five cards. This all-new series will contain 1 hand-signed autograph card and 1 costume card per box!.

Building on the exciting list of autographers from our previous release, we have added several new series stars and guest stars including:

bulletJane Seymour as Serina
bulletAnne Lockhart as Lt. Sheba
bulletSarah Rush as Flight Cpl. Rigel
bulletGlen A. Larson (Executive Producer)
bulletEd Begley, Jr as Ensign Greenbean
bulletRandolph Mantooth as Michael
bulletChristine Belford as Leda
bulletArlene Martel as Adulteress 58
bulletBritt Ekland as Tenna
bulletRichard Lynch as Wolfe
bulletMelody Anderson as Brenda Maxwell
bulletJames Patrick Stuart as Dr. Zee


Inserted into each box of Battlestar Galactica: Colonial Warriors Trading Cards is a costume card featuring show worn costumes from most of the starring cast including Apollo, Starbuck, Adama, Boomer, Serina and Tigh.

To add to the excitment of the costume cards, we are also including four autographed costume cards signed by Richard Hatch (Apollo), Dirk Benedict (Starbuck), Herbert Jefferson, Jr. (Boomer) and Terry Carter (Tigh).

Besides autograph cards and costumes, fans can chase after several exciting levels of chase cards including:

1978 Expansion Set - a 54-card set that captures the nostagic look and feel of the 132-card set that was produced in 1978. The card number on these expansion cards will start with card 133 and just like the originals, the last 44 cards in the series will be a puzzled back.
Casting Call - a 9-card set that will spotlight the actors of this classic TV scifi series.

Chris Scalf ArtiFEX™ - a 9-card set featuring the artwork of artist Chris Scalf.

 Card  Base Set

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Common Cards Singles

 $0.35 per card

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Costume Cards
(Patterns will vary. If that is important, ask first.)


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Cast Cards
$5.00 Each


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