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'New Mutants' Issues

first appeared in Marvel Graphic Novel #4. At that time, Professor Xavier of the Uncanny X-Men had realized that a separate group was needed to train the growing number of young mutants being discovered. This group became the New Mutants.

Originally consisting of Cannonball, Sunspot, Karma, Wolfsbane, and Psyche, quickly added others to its rolls. In the same manner, the original members dropped out for one reason or another.

In issue #87, were revitalized by the introduction of Cable, an militant cyborg who quickly became their leader. Several of declined to become a part of Cable’s team, but their ranks were filled with newcomers. Following issue #100, the team started anew as X-Force.  - ComicBase™ 7.0.

(NM) $104.00

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(VF+) $7.00

(VF+) $7.00

(VF+) $3.50

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(VF/NM) $5.25

(VF+) $3.50

(VF+) $11.50

(NM-) $25.00

(VF) $9.50

Annual #1

Annual #2

Annual #4

Special Edition #1

2nd Series
(NM) $22.00

2nd Series
(NM-) $12.50

2nd Series
(NM) $40.00

2nd Series
(VF/NM) $16.00

 Truth or Death #1
(NM) $8.00


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