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Huntress Issues

Think of her as a female Batman without the money, car, or castle. The daughter of a vicious Mafia man, Helena Bertinelli set off on her own and changed her name to Helena Martinez. Now she protects the innocent from crime, and from her father, in a city still squarely under the Mafia’s thumb.

This new Huntress is actually the third DC character by that name. The first was a seldom-seen Golden Age villainess who made her debut in Sensation Comics #68. The second was Helena Wayne, daughter of Selena Wayne (formerly Catwoman) and Bruce Wayne (Batman) of Earth-2. The newest rendition borrows heavily from the costume and methods of the second Huntress. At the same time, the writers of this series have given her a richer characterization that makes her something much more than a super-hero spinoff.  - ComicBase™ 7.0.

Huntress #2
(VF) $1.10

Huntress #3
(NM) $5.00

Huntress #4
(NM) $6.00

Huntress #5
(NM) $6.00

Huntress #6
(VF+) $1.75

Huntress #7
(VF+) $1.50

Mini-series #1
(NM) $7.00

Mini-series #2
(NM) $7.00


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