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"Ha ..." Issues

Hack Slash
Final Revenge of Evil Ernie #1A
(VF) $7.00

Hack Slash
Final Revenge of Evil Ernie #1A
(FN) $2.75

Hack Slash
Final Revenge of Evil Ernie #1B
(NM) $34.00

Hack Slash Land of the Lost #1
(VF+) $3.50

Hades #1
(NM) $7.00

Halls of Horror #1
(NM) $11.00

Halo and Sprocket #1 (NM) $9.00

Halo and Sprocket #1
(VF+)  $2.75

Hammer of God #1
(NM) $6.00

Hanged Man #1
(NM) $12.00

Hanged Man #2
(NM-) $7.00

Happydale #1
(NM) $22.00

Happydale #1
(FN) $1.75

Happydale #2
(NM) $18.00

Happydale #2
(FN) $1.50

Happy Days  #1
(VF/NM) $67.00

Harbinger HARDCorps

Hardcase #5  

Hard Time
(NM) $10.00

Hard Time
(VF+) $4.00

Hardware #1 04/93
(NM) $8.00

Hardy Boys #1
(VF+) $3.00

Hardy Boys #2
(NM) $10.00

Hardy Boys #3
(NM) $11.00

Har*Har Comics #1
(VF) $2.00

Clive Barker's #1
(MR) (NM) $9.00

Harry Johnson #1
(MR) (NM-) $18.00

Harry Johnson #2
(MR) (NM) $26.00

Harsh Realm #1
   (VF) $2.00

Harsh Realm #2   

Harsh Realm #5
(VF) $2.75


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