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Glory Issues


Glory was created by comic industry legend and co-founder of Image Comics, Rob Liefeld.

Like DCís Wonder Woman, Glory is an Amazon who traces her personal history back to World War II. Her real name is Gloriana, and she is the daughter of the legendary Lady Demeter. In this series she teams up with two friends named Vandal and Rumble. In a story called, "Who Wrote The Book Of Love?" Glory is framed for multiple murders and the three friends have to find out who caused the frame-up and why. In doing so, they must also unravel the mystery behind a demonic "Book of Love," and a strange symbol that shows up at the various murder scenes.

Mike Deodato, known for his work on Wonder Woman handles the penciling duties with scripts by Jo Duffy (Catwoman). - ComicBaseô 7.0.

(VF+) $2.50

(FN/VF) $1.00

(NM) $5.00

(VF) $1.25

(NM) $9.00

(NM) $9.00

(NM) $7.00

(VF) $1.50

(VF+) $1.75

(VF) $1.75

(VF) $1.75

(NM) $8.00

(VF/NM) $7.00

(VF+) $3.25

(VF) $2.00

(VF+) $2.25

(VF) $1.75

(NM) $8.00

(NM) $9.00

(NM) $8.00

(VF/NM) $3.25

(VF/NM) $4.50

 Book #1
Who Wrote the Book of Love
(NM) $40.00

Glory & Friends Christmas Special #1  
(VF) $1.25

Glory & Friends Lingerie Special #1
(VF+) $2.50

Angels in Hell #1
(Flip cvr - Darkchyle #1)
(NM) $8.00


Glory/Celestine Dark Angel
(VF+) $2.25


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