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Checkmate Issues

"The U.S. Government had long operated a top-secret organization aimed at dealing with criminals by a new set of rules. Previously, it had backed The Vigilante and Peacemaker, but after many missions, Peacemaker proved himself to be certifiable, and The Vigilante gave in to the pressures of the job and committed suicide.

Under orders from Suicide Squad’s Amanda Waller, the organization has reorganized and is trying again. Now known as Checkmate, it is still led by Harvey Stein, known as Checkmate’s king. Amanda Waller holds the title of queen. Below them are a variety of chief operatives known as bishops, including former Gotham City cop, Harvey Bullock. The strike teams are comprised of specially trained ace cops and law-enforcement types known as knights. The teams are supported by rooks, the mission strategists, and a variety of support personnel known as pawns."   - ComicBase™ 7.0.

(VF) #1 $2.25


(NM) #3 $4.50

(VF+) #4 $1.50

(VF/NM) #5 $1.75

(NM-) #6 $3.00

(VF+) #7 $1.25

(NM) #8 $4.50

(NM) #9 $5.00

(VF+) #10 $1.10

(NM) #12 $4.00

(NM) #13 $5.00

(NM) #14 $4.50

(NM) #15 $5.00

(NM) #16 $6.00

(NM) #17 $5.00

(NM) #18 $5.00

(NM) #19 $4.75

(NM) #20 $5.00

Series 2 (NM) #1 $8.00

Series 2 (VF) #1 $1.75


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