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"Ba ... Ba" page 02 Issues

The following issues are included on this page, because the title starts with a B and I doesn't have enough issues to warrant them having their own pages. Pages are controlled in size to load within a timeframe and because of that there may be more than one page. I strive to be alphabetic and sequential.

(VF/NM) $4.75

VF) $3.75

Barbarian Killer Funnies
 #1 (FN/VF) $11.50

Barbi Twins Adventures #1
(NM) $3.00

Barbie #1 w/door hanger (NM) $12.00

Barbie #2
(VF/NM) $5.25

Barbie #3
(VF) $3.75


Barbie Fashion #1 w/membership card
(NM) $42.00

Barbie Fashion #1 w/membership card
(VF+) $11.50

Barbie Fashion #2
(VF/NM) $6.00

Barb Wire#1
(silver foil lettering)
(NM) $7.00

Barb Wire#2
(VF/NM) $2.50

Barb Wire Movie Special
(VF) $2.00

(Barb Wire)
Comic's Greatest.. Steel Harbor  (NM) $6.00

(Barb Wire)
Comic's Greatest.. Steel Harbor  (VF/NM) $1.50

Bar Sinister #1
(NM) $9.00


Bartman #1
(VF) $2.75

Baseball Superstars #2 (VF) $1.75

Batgirl Batman

Bat-Thing #1
(VF) $1.00


Battle Axis #1
(VF) $1.25

Battle Axis #1
(VG) $0.30

Battle Chasers #2 Collector's Edition
(NM) $110.00

Battle Chasers #6
(VF+) $4.25

Battlefield Action #48
(FN-) $2.00


Battle Hymn #1
(FN) $0.65

Battle Hymn #2
(VF) $1.10

Battle of the Planets

Battle Pope #1
(NM) $370.00

Battle Pope #1
(VF+) $102.00

Battle Pope #2
(VF+) $66.00

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestone #2 (VF/NM) $3.25

Battle Tide #1
(VF) 12/92 $0.80


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